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Hardwood flooring is an easy choice

You may have seen solid hardwood floors in a friend’s home, a commercial building you were recently in, or even in a magazine or television show, and it has sparked an undying interest in the material. The good news is, you are closer than you think to having those same gorgeous floors in your own home. In addition to providing a timeless elegance with their appearance, these floors are also extremely durable, especially when you choose the right wood species. Lifespans of more than 100 years are not at all uncommon with proper care and maintenance.

At Peacock Floors, we are proud to offer an extensive line of high-quality floor coverings you can find right here at our San Francisco, CA showroom. We have more than 25 years of experience and a dedication to complete customer satisfaction, which means you’ll walk out of here with the perfect floor covering for your home. We are proud to serve the areas of Marin County, San Francisco County, Alameda County, and San Mateo County, and we look very forward to meeting you and serving your needs as well.

When hardwood flooring is the simple option

It’s not surprising that so many homeowners wait so long to settle on a hardwood floor of their very own. Some would have you believe it is a tedious process that’s very hard to get started or go through with. It’s true that it does cost a bit more up front, and the installation time and procedure are a little more time consuming than other materials. But we have to say, you’re sure to understand the worth in that once they are in place in your home.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in San Francisco County from Peacock Floors
The extra cost actually turns into savings once you consider that you’ll likely never be installing another floor covering in your home again. Over time, especially the more than 100 years these floors can last on average, you’ll save far more money that you’ll spend. And the installation procedures all make sure your floors are exactly as you want and need them to be, to stand up to the everyday aspects of your household.

You’ll be able to choose your perfect wood species, as well as a gorgeous stain color of your choice. A perfect finish, especially hand scraped or vintage, can even help delay signs of wear and tear and save you even more in refinishing costs.

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