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Property management by Peacock Floors

Flexibility and timing - can you stop everything at the drop of a hat to turn over a unit or respond to an emergency such as a flood at an occupied unit? Some of our longest running accounts are property management. Over the span of a few decades, we’ve been able to retain property management accounts through the dot com bust, the recession, their own staff turn over, and as our local economy in the City of San Francisco has trudged through a defining period of gentrification.

We’ve been able to continue to deliver the same level of personalized customer service to our property management accounts, efficiency, and accuracy in estimation to keep their business needs consistent through turbulent times in the City.

We retain our competitive advantage not only due to expertise and relationships, but our facility. We acquired our 16,000 square foot facility in 2005, allowing us to store inventory for our property management accounts that allows us to do work within 24 hours of the request.

We continue to work with longstanding accounts such as the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and the Presidio Trust, as well as take on new clients such as Chandler Properties. Please call us for any property management needs, however large or small.
Property Management in San Francisco, CA area from Peacock Floors