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CELEBRATING 40 YEARS of Family & Flooring In San Francisco

after four decades in the trade

We’ve made our mark on San Francisco

We don’t know how or why you’ve made it to San Francisco. For some, the journey West to the Barbary Coast began decades ago in search of gold. For others still, they’ve come West in search of the tech mecca that weaved its way through our hills and valleys. No matter the cause, maybe you flew into our City of Love via our world class airport, SFO? If you're a musician maybe you’ve booked a space to practice or stay at Music City Hotel, or a designer boutique stay at one of the Joie de Vivre spaces? Enjoying yourself by catching a show at our legendary historic music venue, the Fillmore? Maybe you even signed a lease at the Presidio for your business or personal dwelling space? Here to earn your Bachelors at San Francisco State?

If you’ve been to any of these landmark destinations, maybe you’ve seen one of us. You’ve definitely seen (or walked on) our flooring. After four decades in the trade, we’ve made our mark on San Francisco, just as the city has made its mark on our family. We have the expertise and insider knowledge across the city to offer our clients a unique experience. Interested in flooring? Give us a call.

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We are the future of flooring

As we enter the fourth decade of our family business - the future is looking brighter than ever. My daughter, Daniella Cohen, entering her seventh year with us is poised to lead the company into the next decade, and her son, born in 2019, could one day become leader of the fourth generation of our family business. View our history timeline.

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this is how rock stars do cable covers on stage.

When we were approached by Jimmy Buffett’s team, we were told the man likes to perform barefoot and needed a nice rug bound to roll out onto his stage. In addition, we’d have to make concessions for cable covers, so we had several small pieces with velcro stitched to the side of the carpet. These were bagged up by his team and will be after every performance while he’s on tour. Every two years or so he changes them out. Hope you’re enjoying that Tuftex piece, Jimmy!

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