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Commercial Flooring


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Commercial flooring by Peacock Floors

There are several things that set our firm aside when it comes to our experience in commercial flooring work:
  • Trust
  • Relationships
  • Technical Expertise
  • Skilled and Professional Labor Force

When thinking about doing business with anyone or hiring out services these elements are often in the forefront of our minds. We hope we can trust the company, that they’ll have the relationships they need to get the work done, that they have the technical expertise to engage in and complete the project, and that the people doing the work that we may interface with are professionals. Often times, it just doesn’t work out that way. Due to the size of our company and the length with which we’ve been in business, we fit into a niche that allows us to be all of those things. Actually, it is demanded of us - not only to keep afloat - but to prosper.

Most flooring contractors that are able to engage in commercial projects are often larger than our company. They have the manpower and financial strength to work on very large projects. Due to that size, the client will more than likely deal with a salesperson or a project manager. They might have a separate estimator, admin for paperwork, etc. You’ll hardly ever, if at all, deal with the owner or the top dog.

At Peacock Floors you are working directly with the President and Owner. There are no other outliers risking critical elements such as trust, relationship building, technical expertise that is required to deliver accurate quotes, scheduling problems, administrative issues with paperwork, among an array of things that can go sideways with a bigger firm. We’ve cut out the middle, and we’ve taken everything into our own hands. We’re lean. But with everything we do there is a level of personalization and skill that cannot be ignored. We have developed trust and relationships with specialized commercial mills. We have over 40 years of estimating and measuring experience. Our technicians have been with us for decades, and have since grown with us. They understand above all else the level of professionalism that is demanded of them on every job site. In fact, we can say with confidence that they go beyond this. They make the effort to understand what our client needs, and why they’re truly there. Our technicians are flexible, they are used to working in challenging conditions (occupied and unoccupied) often at odd hours to ensure the least amount of disruption to our clients. They take responsibility for their job site, and keep our clients safe if the space is occupied.

San Francisco International Airport


Boarding Area C Project

Commercial Flooring in San Francisco, CA area from Peacock Floors
Commercial work often demands specialized equipment such as machinery to lift office partitions, carpet pull-up machines, preparation equipment, commercial transportation, and lifts. This equipment is not needed in residential work due to the size. Most residential work can be done in 1-2 days, commercial work can take weeks if not months. We believe that our investment in this equipment has been critical to our success.

Alongside competitors with all of the same attributes, Peacock Floors continues to stand out due to our personal expertise in the industry and reputation. To be successful in commercial work you have to know your market and accept what you're comfortable doing, as well as what you're not. We’ve mastered our market and our comfort zone.

We are particularly proud of the work that we have done over the last 20 years at The Presidio Trust, San Francisco State University and the San Francisco International Airport. We have specialized experience working with government accounts and projects, as well as property management.