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Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and plank (LVP) began to dominate the marketplace in the last decade with a wood look alternative to laminate flooring. Since LVT/LVP applications have significantly changed and the marketplace is currently undergoing another iteration (SPC). 

However, LVT and LVP are still available on the market in large varieties for both residential and commercial applications. You can choose between a floating click-together product or a glue-down installation. 

Typically we recommend a click-together product for residential and smaller projects. The reason for this being that is a plank or tile needs to come up due to damage or other problems, the entire floor must be 'un-clicked' to change that out. This is much easier to accomplish in a residential kitchen vs. a large commercial space. 

Alternatively, we recommend glue-down vinyl products for large areas with higher foot traffic. Glue-down products typically have a thicker wear layer. Additionally, if one or two pieces need to be pulled up and replaced it can be easily done.

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