Linoleum is considered the most environmentally friendly hard surface product on the market. It is a natural product containing mostly linseed oil and cork alongside other natural materials. It differs from vinyl in that it is made from only natural resources.


Linoleum is a solid, color-fast product in which an image is not just presented on the top-layer. The design is presented through the entire product. This allows it to have a unique wear capacity. As the product wears the luster and color does not fade, it continues through the product.

It comes in sheets and tiles, as well as marmoleum click-together. Although some linoleum demands a click-together installation, it is mostly applied in a glue-down fashion. It is considered an extremely durable product, suitable for both residential and commercial applications. We typically install linoleum residentially in kitchens, or commercially in bathrooms, cafeterias, lecture halls.